Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

My Christmas Porch


As most of you know I am “in love” with my front porch. With Winter and the freezing weather approaching I needed to pull my porch plants into the house. They are Tropical plants and do not appreciate brisk cold air and snow on the ground!  After doing so, my porch looked a little bare.

I began my winter project by adding white lights to the ceiling of the porch. I unscrewed my porch light bulb so the ceiling lights would be the focal point not the porch light. I put the ceiling lights on a timer so they are on when I arrive home after work. It makes me smile to come home to the porch all lit up! ;0)





As you can see without the plants it is quite stark and bare. Plants certainly make a difference.

To make the transition to the “Woodland Christmas Porch” that I envisioned I  first purchased a small 4 foot artificial Christmas tree at Michaels with my 50% off coupon.(I am all about the coupons and discounts!) I also found the 3 foot tall wood Snowman at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

The next purchase was some garland at 70% off!  I placed them on the top of both outside windows.

The widows were still missing something tho!  I thought… How about a big red bow in the center of the window? So…off to Michaels I treked.  Arriving at Michaels I immediately sought out the ready made bows.  I searched and searched for afforadability as I needed 2 of them and I am on a tight budget.  No go. I then went to the ribbon section where I did find affordable ribbon at 50% off.  I could work with $6.99 for 50 feet of red ribbon at 50% off!  On my way to the register my eye started to wander. It landed on a wreath with a big red bow and hanging ribbon to boot!!! The price tag said $19.99….way out of my price range. BUT WAIT…I took it to the price checker and it was only $7.99.  I could get the look (actually a better look) that I wanted for under $15 for both windows!!!  I could do that! Look what a difference the hanging wreaths make!

Still a work in progress…..

The next step was to add color

So here came the poinsettias (70% off at Michaels!!!) I put them in my special blue enamel buckets that I have been collecting for years and they are my perfect blue and red theme colors!

I found my Woodland Father Christmas at Michaels also (70% off!!!) I just couldn’t resist him! He fit right in…

The one thing I was missing was more trees…   So… I found a real tree at quite the bargain, brought it home and “planted” it in another of my big blue enamel pots and moved the first tree next to it with the wood snowman all to the right side of the porch.

My daughter-in-law loaned me a small forest of trees that fit perfectly on the left side of the porch along with the Woodland Santa and a small lying down reindeer that I already had.  I added the tall reindeer that I purchased from Home Depot during their Black Friday Sale.



A little garland over my red window to pull it all together and I am a happy girl!

Everything came together so nicely.  The finishing touch…the “vintage looking” hooked rug Santa pillow (Michaels…70%off)

And so…Santa says “Ho, ho, ho” Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!