Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

Winter Pansies

I Love Pansies!!!  I can’t wait for Fall/Winter so I can fill my life and gardens with Pansies! Those little faces are so adoring looking up into the bright sunshine of Winter. Finally……finally the pansies arrived at the Home Depots and local Nurseries.  Home Depots have good prices however, if you keep in touch with your local nurseries and time it right you can get better deals and better quality at the local nurseries.  We all know what a better price is but a better quality is worth even a bigger price tag. With quality you get larger blooms and more blossoms. Longer lasting happiness!  Worth every penny!

Without Pansies….Picture my porch without the plants. I had to bring all the plants in the house as we had our first 32 degree night last week. They are Tropical plants and will not survive the Winter outdoors here in Virginia Beach, Virginia. So I bring them in the house for the Winter and will put them back out on the porch next Spring. Without the plants the porch is dull and boring. However, Pansies LOVE the Winter! They will bring color and enjoyment clear thru Winter and long into Spring.

With the Pansies…the porch is colorful, exciting and beautiful. Just a few pots filled with Pansies…


and a lot of them planted in the ground around the bird bath…and you get instant gratification and color!

So…does this get you thinking about planting some Pansies this year?

I am loving coming home from work every day to all of those cute, little smiling faces! ;0)