Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

Sea Salt Wall Art

It all began when I bought an oil painting that spoke to me.  It was of 2 red beach chairs facing the ocean.  It was colorful and meaningful to me.  I tried placing it in several areas of my home and it decided that it liked the bathroom best.

I changed the shower curtain to work with the painting and it transformed the bathroom from vintage abstract to plain white. BORING!!!

I needed something on the wall above the bathtub to bring some color into the picture when walking by the bathroom. It was all white. Too white for me. Remember, I am full of color!!!  So…..I got this creative idea.  At first I envisioned a metal sculpture of dolphins frolicking in the sea.  I went shopping. Nothing.  I guess that is the sort of thing you can find at an Art Festival or maybe in a high-end retail store at the beach.  Since neither of the aforementioned places is where I shop I needed to get creative. I went to Hobby Lobby and looked around.  They have a small (very small) beachy section where I found a fish, a shark or a whale painted on wood planks.  None of those items were “me” but did give me inspiration to create my own wood plank art.  For some reason I enjoy painting on wood.  Years ago I dabbled in folk art and found myself painting on old wood pieces then. So to pick that medium back up again is no big surprise.  I have my stash of wood (old fencing from the neighbors project) where I was able to find the perfect pieces to work with.

I picked out my pieces and got to work.

I wanted a long piece of art to go above the shower, however I thought I would experiment on a smaller project first.  As it turned out I did both at the same time.

I decided I wanted to do an underwater seascape being that my painting of the 2 chairs facing the ocean kind of set the theme for the bathroom.  That of corse meant I had to go to the beach to do some scavenging, otherwise known as beach combing.  I found the most interesting items,  Sea shells, driftwood, sea glass, crab legs, horseshoe crab tails. Very fun stuff!  I brought them home and washed them up.

My little girl, Abby, laid on top of them to help them dry out faster after their bath.

I assembled the small piece first and secured it with cross boards on the back then scrubbed it cleaned.

I did the same with the larger piece.

I then brought them into the house to begin my masterpiece(s). I had been given this new product called “Saltwash” in my Swag Bag from the Haven Conference so I thought it would be perfect to give the bottom of my seascape some texture. It is designed to make the piece look like it has been in the beach elements for many years. So….perfect!  I added it to the paint I had already mixed up and I followed the instructions. It became thick and lumpy. As I applied it to the wood I knew it would be exactly what I wanted.

I then added water to my paint colors to make them more of a wash to get the “under the sea” look and began transforming the wood to become my vision.

I painted the “Saltwash” area with ModgePodge (which is a glue-like substance)and sprinkled the sand on.

When it dried it was the look I had imagined .

The next step was to glue the found sea items artfully.

I, again, used ModPodge to attached the found sea items gluing them in place.

The pieces came out just as I had imagined. I applied more ModPodge to adhere the Glitter.  You know how the sea “sparkles” when the sun hits it just right. The glitter really did it for me! I am inspired!!!

The finished product hanging above the shower.

The other finished product hanging in the bathroom.

I would love to do more.  We will see how that all plays out in the future. ;0)