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The Old Gray Mare, She Ain’t What She Used To Be

I found this coffee table at a garage sale. At first I walked right past her. Then I began talking with her owners.

They pointed her out to me and they said they would let her go cheap. My ears perked up. It was a price

I was willing to pay. She had good bones, she was a classic and I loved her beautiful Queen Anne legs… so we made a deal and she came home with me.


I know she was a plain jane…but that just gives me license to make her over so the world can see her beauty.


I began by turning her upside down and painting those gorgeous legs white.

I have included Affiliate links for your convenience.

I used Home Decor Chalk paint in “White Adirondack”. You can get it here

The top was painted in Deco Art Chalky Finish and the color was “Artefact” which you can find here.

I applied 2 coats of both of the paint colors.

Lightly distressing was the next step.  I used a 220 grit sanding sponge that you can find at Home Depot. I distressed all of the edges, legs and only 2 spots on the top.


After the distressing it is important to put some kind of protectant finish. After all there will be  toys, trays, vases filled with flowers, books and/or magazines plus glasses filled with enjoyable liquids on your beautiful coffee table. You are going to want to protect it. I used Dixie Bell “Clear Coat”. I just love the satiny finish it gives. You can get yours here.


She is now fully dressed and ready to go to the ball. I wonder who will be her escort? She is absolutely magnificent and I would keep her if I had the space.

Any takers?  She is available for viewing and purchase at the  Rusty Cottage on Shore Dr in Virginia Beach. I have placed several items in this great vintage store to help find homes for the wonderful furniture souls that don’t fit in my new home. So stop by if you live in the area and check out all the goodies.