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A Tale of 3 Step-Stools

Those of you who know me know that as human beings go I am of the relatively short variety. All of 4’10” TALL!!!  That being said I have plenty of step stools around my house.  They serve many functions. Certainly the first function is to help me get things that are out of my reach, however I also love the look of them sitting in the nooks and crannies of a room.  Sitting there patiently waiting to be “asked to dance”. This is the story of 3 step-stools….


Stool #1

French Chicken Stool

I found this French Chicken stool at an Estate Sale recently. It was out in the shed covered in cobwebs and dirt.  It was as if it had been banished there, lonely and forgotten.  There was a broom nearby in the shed. I grabbed it and began to clean the stool. This wonderful French Chicken appeared. She was lovely!  I cautiously took my life into my own hands and stood on it to see how sturdy it was.  Surprisingly it held my weight with no rocking side to side. So I paid the paltry fee and happily went on my way.

When we got home I placed the stool on the table and we did a little dance. I danced around the table looking wildly into its eyes while at the same time looking it up and down.  The stool just stood there… apparently never having a dancing lesson in it’s life. I began to realize that the green and black paint on the legs just would not do for me so…

Out came my favorite color combination. French blue and bright red.

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I used Dixie Bell ‘Blueberry’ and FolkArt Chalk ‘Imperial’


I only painted the legs and the underbelly. I didn’t touch the top.  It is perfect just the way it is. Such character!!!  I wish it could talk…..

Next came the Dark Briwax just to add to the age of the stool


And here she is…

She finally found her way to her new home. Love, love, love her!!!


My cat “Delicious Abbylicious” AKA Abby thinks this is a good home for her too.  She sits there in the mornings and watches me put my makeup on.  ;0)

Stool #2

The next stool was a freebie from a friend that knows how I love to “re-do” stuff.  This stool definitely needed a “re-do”!!!

It was strong and solid. Someone had applied some paper thoughts on the top of this stool.  I tried to peel them off.  No go!  So I sanded them and hoped for the best.

The first coat I used to paint it was an Acrylic paint by Behr.  It did not cover the edges of the paper that had been glued on. The second coat I used chalk paint and it covered nicely. Yes, your paint does make a difference!


I sanded it down using a 22o grit sanding block.

The end result was what I expected,  A nice white stool with a  little bit of the purple showing thru.  If you like purple or just a touch of purple this is a stool for you. ;0)

Stool #3

This stool has been in our family for as long as I can remember.  I inherited it from my mom.  I have never liked the finish..a bit to orange for me but it definitely performed the function it was intended for.  I am currently using it on my porch as a foot stool and to be on my porch you have to be perfect. Orange is not perfect! So a paint job was needed.

I painted it the perfect shade of green with Dixie Bell “Sea Glass“.

I distressed it with a 220 grit sanding block

I put a little dark Brie Wax on it


Now it is PERFECT for my porch!!!

I just love it!  It makes me smile!  ;0)

So there you have it.  The tale of 3 step stools and the beginning of their new lives.