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Dogs into Stripes

After creating the Recycled Wood Door Mat I wanted the indoor/outdoor rug on the porch to match it.  I wasn’t certain how it would look but thought I would give it a try anyway. As with the Recycled Wood Door Mat the inspiration was my grandmothers gate leading thru her yard to her front door.  Isn’t it special? One of a kind!

This is how it my rug looked originally. It is an indoor/outdoor rug so it is very durable. This one

is about 2 years old. It was outdoors for the past year at West Lane and completly covered in water every time

it rained.  God’s way of washing it for me! ;0)  Here at Michigan Ave it gets to stay dry on the porch.

Dogs are ok and I have had one most of my life but in my world cats rule!!! That being said it is not

to difficult for me to paint over these dogs.

I started with giving it a good vacuum…


I divided it into 5 stripes with painters tape.

The red stripe was the first as it was on the ends and I was sure

it would need, at least, 2 coats. (It actually needed about 5 coats!!! Red is a very difficult color!!!) I did the center

blue stripe at the same time.

I used the DecoArt Curb Appeal for both the Red and Yellow colors and the Dixie Bell Chalk Paint in Blueberry  for the Blue

and Dixie Bell Chalk Paint in Sea Glass for the green.

Because the red took several coats it was paint, wait, paint, wait, paint, wait. Pretty much an all day process.

The green and yellow stripes were next.  The yellow didn’t cover as well either so again it took 3 coats.

I am still thinking about how to seal it.  The Curb Appeal paint does not need to be sealed, however the Dixie Bell

does.  I could wax it with clear wax leaving the colors bright or use a Dark wax to match the Recycled Wood Door Mat.

which would give it an aged look.  What do you’all think?