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Recycled Wood Door Mat

I am very excited about this door mat.  I was inspired by a gate my Grandmother had painted

for the entrance to her yard. Every Piece was painted a different color. I recently found a bird

house (upper left had corner) with these same colors so the door mat was the natural next thing to do! I love color and this door mat is a perfect eample of the colors I like to surround myself with.     Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

I did this in about 5 hours on a beautiful sun shiny, soft breezy Sunday.

It all began with a trip to the wood pile. These are pieces of fencing from a neighbor who

recently re-fenced his yard.  All I did was ask if I could have it.  Naturally he agreed because then he would not have to haul it away.  It was a Win-Win!

 I picked thru it and found 5 pieces that would work perfectly.

 I then found 2 pieces for the support pieces.

 I lined them up so they would be even.

I cut the ends to match the other side then sanded each piece.  After all, this is a beach house and people would be walking on the mat with bare feet. 


The next step was to cut and sand the supporting pieces. Painting was next.  I used paint I already had.

 I love the Dixie Belle Chalk paint. You can get both the Blueberry and Sea Glass colors at Amazon. The DecorArt has a new paint called “Curb Appeal”. Wonderful paint. Similar to Chalk paint. No need to sand just paint. Usually will cover in one coat.

Looking Good!

I glued and screwed on the supporting pieces. I put my support pieces 5″ from the ends. I will be moving then out to the ends and perhaps a 3rd support piece in the middle.  Reason being when I go in and out of my door I found that I typically step out on the side of the mat rather than in the middle. That caused the mat to raise a little and I was not comfortable with that.

After moving the support pieces the mat was much more substantial.

 You can get Rapid Fuse here. It is a great glue for projects you want to finish fast.  The glue dries in 30 minutes.


 The final step is to seal it.  I used Brie Wax. I like the Dark wax as it gives it the look of being old and weathered.


 and then to its final destination.  The Front Door.


 The finished product speaks for itself. I just love it! It is practical, useful and colorful.  It makes me smile!  ;0)I LOVE IT!!!  It is just as I imagined.

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