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New Color for the Front Door

Another soft, breezy Sunday afternoon and I decide to paint my front door.  I had already gotten permission from the homeowner and property manager so it was only a matter of time for the deed to happen.The homeowner had already painted the front door a baby pink, as I call it. So I was pretty certain she would be open to the color change I was going for.


I prepped the door with painters tape, laid down the paint cloth to catch any drips and began to paint.

It didn’t take very long because I only painted the front side of the door.  On the inside it is still white.


I used a new paint by DecoArt.  It is called Curb Appeal and you can get it here.


This is a great paint as it goes on smooth and dries within 1-2 hours.  You can apply your second coat, wait another 1-2 hours and  then you can….Shut The Door! ;0)  This paint is designed for your front door, shutters or mailbox.  It  is weather proof and does not need a sealer. Just paint your 2 coats and you are finished.  The jar it comes in has enough paint for 2 coats on both sides of your door. The directions say to apply it with a 2 inch brush but I used a 2 inch roller and really liked the results. I did use the 2″ brush to “cut-in” the areas that the roller could not do effectively.

I think the results speak for itself.

 What do you think? Are you ready to paint your front door one of the fabulous colors that Deco Art has to offer?