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A Weekend to Remember…

A Weekend to Remember…

July 28, 2017

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.

 This last weekend I traveled to Atlanta, GA for the Haven DIY Blogging Conference.  This is my second Haven Conference. Last year, before I even began my blog, I heard about the Conference and I knew I had to attend. If you have ever thought about starting a DIY blog or already have one this is a “must go to” conference. There were business classes in SEO, Pinterest, Instagram, Photography, Organization of your Blog and many, many opportunities for hands on DIY projects. There were vendors from companies that did flooring, hardware, cement, building materials and tools! Even MagTag was there and gave away a brand new washer and dryer!! (Rats! I wasn’t the winner!) I had the best time ever!! Business wise I will be working on improving my photography skills this year and giving you great content for your enjoyment and inspiration. 

The following projects are some of the skills we were introduced to through out the Conference.

Stenciling, Hand Lettering, Watercolors, Building, Cement, and trying new paints and products.

 I took a class in Hand Lettering where I painted (yes, I painted) the lettering.

 The teacher had all of the items pre-cut. We painted the wood “canvas” then stained the

framework.  While that was drying we practiced our hand lettering.  She then gave us “cheat

sheets” with the words on it and a piece of carbon paper.  We traced the words then with a

special paint pen (you can get at WalMart, Michaels or HobbyLobby) we copied over our tracing.




 We then glued on the the framework and in an instant…some inspiring words to hang on the wall.

I love painting on wood.  I have done it before and really like the texture of the finished product.

Next was the cement class by QuiKrete Concrete. We made a stepping stone. We each had

buckets of dry QuiKrete and bottles of water to add to it.  We had to mix it ourselves. It got hard real quick so we had to move fast. I had a little too much water so when I put the pebbles

on they sank!! I let it dry a little longer and it set up enough for the pebbles to stay on top. I especially liked this class because it reminded me of spending time with my grandmother. She/we laid flagstone patios in the front and back yards of the house I grew up in. I remember lifting the heavy flagstone and laying it in place. Then helping to level the ground so the flagstone would lay flat and not rock when you stepped on it. She laid the flagstone about 2 inches apart and filled in the gap with concrete which she made the old-fashioned way! In the concrete, before it dried, she would lay marbles and pieces of broken pottery.  So when I saw the glass pebbles and broken pieces of pottery on the table I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

 I have the perfect spot for it on my lawn.


In the Ryobi class we made a hanging planter.  I think it will work better for me as a bird feeder.  I will paint it and hang it outside and watch them go at it.


One of my favorite classes was “Amy Howard’s At Home” class.  She has a brand of paint very similar to chalk paint that you can use on any surface without sanding. It is wonderful!!! She had us stenciling on a burlap pillow cover.


 After painting, you let the paint dry (which happens rather quickly) then you remove the stencil and throw it away.  These stencils can only be used once.

You then apply a thin coat of  beeswax (of course she has it in her line of products) then spray

with a sealer.

Stuff in a pillow and you are good to go!  I really like this pillow a lot better than I thought I would. The simplicity of the design and the beautiful shade of the white really brightens up the whole room.  She gave us another pillow cover and stencil to take home to create again. I can’t wait to get it done.

In addition to classes there was the “Vendor Walk” where there were vendor booths and most of them had little projects using their products we could do and take home with us.

There was Ryobi who was promoting their new 100 in One+ products.  100 products that all use the same battery!

 They even have a riding lawn mower!  They said I could drive it around but with the immediate vision of the destruction I would create I thought better of it and declined.  Sitting on it was fun tho!

 Wagner had their paint tent set up. You can get one here. They had already sent one to me and I love using it. No overspray anywhere!  Their take-away was to spray paint a sign then take it do the DecoArt booth and paint it.

 I actually painted an arrow and wrote the word “JOY” on it. As you can see, I could really use

the Hand Lettering class!

 The Dremel booth had given us a piece of leather shaped like a luggage tag in our SWAG Bag. We were to bring it to the booth so we could make a design on it using the Dremel. They gave us a Dremel in last years SWAG however I had never used one before so it has been sitting all year. After this experience and the helpful instructions I am not intimidated anymore.  Let’s see what fun I can have with it this year.

MayTag had given us linen towels in our SWAG Bags which we then brought to their booth where we could paint a stencil on it and then they dried it in their dryers.

 The Behr paint company had us painting trays and/or wood pieces that we would then take to the Liberty Hardware booth to get feet on the trays and knobs on the wood.  My wood piece will be used to hold my necklaces.

Those are Sea Glsss knobs.  Aren’t the beautiful?

And this is a real human being!!!  I truly thought he was a mannequin until…

he began moving and talking!  I think they use him as a model for mannequins! He was

the sweetest guy!!! and the 6-pack was REAL not drawn on!!!

 Friday evening we were all invited for a “Girls Night In” where we met in the main room for 30 minute classes on Macreme, calligraphy and/or watercolor classes.  I even got to keep my watercolor set and brushes.

 And we can’t forget the SWAG!!!  When we arrived and registered we all received our Swag Bags filled with tons of goodies from the vendors.

So, on that note we bid Adieu to Haven until next year when the Haven Conference will be going to Charleston, South Carolina! Only 329 days until my next Haven experience!