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3 Drawer Chest and a Lesson Learned

I bought this chest after the 2nd look.  It spoke to me on the 1st look but I walked away.  When I first saw it in the antique store they were having a great sale and door prize drawings.  Do you ever get a feeling when you are filling out something that you are going to win? I knew when I filled out the door prize ticket I would win something.  The store called me the next day and sure enough I had won something. I happened to have the time to go and get my door prize that very day. While there I took a second look at the chest.  I couldn’t walk away this time.  The price was right and as I said…it spoke to me.  It wasn’t perfect but had the character I love in a piece of furniture.

The top appears to be marble…but it isn’t. It is wood. It is the shadows and the finish that make
it look like marble.
It was missing the back inch on the top. That was an easy fix with a 1″x 1″ piece of wood
that I happen to have in my stash of wood. With some wood glue and a few nails we were
good to go.

 The drawers did not appear to fit properly but slid in and out just fine.  I discovered later that on the bottom of each drawer was a number.  Following the numbers made the drawers fit perfectly.  This told me that this was a hand-made piece.  Such a great find!!!
The drawer pulls were something I have never seen before either

The pull itself was slid into an eye hook at just the right turn to secure it.

 After adding the 1″x1″ piece I sanded the old stain off to the bare wood.

 I did not remove the hardware when sanding as I was concerned I would not be able to put it back on correctly. I loved the look of the bare wood. However, it did need protection for it to
be used in a functional basis. I began by waxing it with BriWax in a clear finish.

The darkened area is where I applied the wax. If you refer back to the title of this blog  “3 drawer chest and a lesson learned”….this is where the lesson came in. When the clear wax dried you
couldn’t even see it.  The color had reverted back to natural.  You couldn’t even see where I had
applied the wax. I wanted it to be more enhanced so I then applied Annie Sloan’s dark wax to the whole piece.  This brought out the color I was expecting.

 I was happy with the effect of the dark wax until I came to the place where I had applied the clear wax.  There the application of the dark wax had a different effect.

 It was much lighter! I ended up sanding down the area and then applying Annie Sloan’s dark wax but if you look closely you can still see that it is somewhat lighter in that area.  The lesson I learned is two-fold. Clear wax is just that. Clear.  It won’t change the original color. Applying dark wax on top of Clear wax will enhance the creases and crevices. Another BIG lesson is to try different applications on the sides or the back of your piece so if the effect is not desirable it will not be noticed! I did my mistake/lesson front row center!!!
 I even waxed the inside of the drawers.  I really like the way they turned out.

This piece is very versatile. I could use it in the dining room filled with linens and silver. But as of this writing I plan to use it to store my paints and art supplies. Kind of a fancy fixture for art supplies but I like to put mundane things into pretty packages.

 How would you use this piece in your home?