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Flower Frogs

Who can tell me what these are?  They are all different varieties of flower frogs.  “What is a flower frog?” you might ask.  It is a weighted stationary item with spikes or wholes that go on the bottom of a vase which holds and directs the angle of your flowers to create the perfect arrangement. Although flower frogs reached their heyday in the United States in the mid-twenties and thirties during the flapper era, they can be traced back to the 16th century in Europe. They come in all different shapes and sizes.You might have seen one at an Estate Sale, Flea Market or yard sale and said to yourself “What the heck is that?” I have been collecting flower frogs for many years as the nostalgia and usefulness of them always affected me. The most common “device” for a flower frog these days is “oasis”.  It is a dense hard foam like substance that you can put holes in for your flower arranging and holds water. Oasis can be found at most hobby shops ie:  Michaels, AC  Moore and Hobby Lobby.  However, I prefer the old fashioned flower frogs as they do not pollute and they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as a collector.

 Most people do not know even what they are.  All of these flower frogs are exactly alike but different!  They are exactly alike in their usage.  Meaning that they could separate the flowers in a vase. However they are different in their design.  They all accomplish the same effect.  That is they help to arrange flowers in a vase for a pleasing display. Let’s examine each one individually.

This one is quite ornate with all of the wires and capability of many floral designs.  This frog can hold a few flowers artfully arranged or a multitude for a more complex arrangement. The size limits its usage  as it is quite large, 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall. It requires a large vase to contain its size. It was most likely used by florists or an avid flower gardener.

These 3 look alike although each is different in size and their complexity.

The first one is about 2 inches tall with holes clear through the bottom for strong support for each individual flower.

The second one is identical but about 1/2 inch taller for a vase with more height.

The third one is similar but with small spikes to support flowers with tiny stems for a more diverse and full arrangement.

These 2 elongated flower frogs are for lower, longer vases. I haven’t seen these types of vases recently however there are many vintage and antique vases in these shapes.

 This one is about 3 inches long with spikes to hold all stem sizes.

This one is a little bit longer and has a special value to me as my son found it while using his metal detector on a farm where I was boarding my horse. It was buried in the ground and he had to dig it up. Who knows how long it had been there!

They also made glass ones to be used in clear vases in an unobtrusive way. All of the glass ones I have seen have had the same size holes which limit the design. My thinking is these are mostly used for larger stemmed flower arrangements.

I have saved the best for last.  It is my the one I love the most as it is my favorite color of blue and has the same matte finish as the vases that my grandmother had . (I have a collection of those too, but that is for another time). This frog is special as it is designed to be used as a vase itself.  Just insert the flower stems as desired and you have a pleasing artful arrangement  with color and beauty.

 You could also repurpose them.  They can be used to hold pens, pencils and scissors. The elongated ones with spikes can be used to hold pictures, recipes or notes.

 Personally I prefer to use them as the design purpose.  To make beautiful flower arrangements.

 If you look closely you can see the frog.  It is green and blends in beautifully with the stems,

 Yes, there is a frog in that vase/pitcher.  There is no way the flowers would be able to stand alone without the frog.

 So the next time you are out antiquing or at a yard sale and see one of these lovely frogs, grab it up!  The improvement in your flower arranging will stand on its own.