Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

My Idea of Fun

I spent the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend cleaning up the back yard.  I know a lot of you did the same thing, That is if you were not able to be at the beach or a lake or somewhere cool.
This is the first chance I have had to work in the yard since my move 4 weeks ago. There was
to lot of clean-up from the Winter and the transformation made me smile.
When moving from West Lane I had potted up all of the plants I wanted to keep and placed them in the back yard as it was a shady and safe place for their survival until I had time to figure out where everyone belonged. I began by placing the sun loving plants to the front of the property on the west side of the house. These were the Everbearing Strawberries (which actually survived the Winter and are already blooming!), the DayLilies, Echinacea and Shasta Daisies. I also had some dwarf white iris added to the group.  All of these  plants will eventuallly go into a flower bed in the sunny front yard.  What was left in the shade of the back yard were the Hostas, Christmas ferns, corral bells, my Japanese maple tree, I have had for 4 years and a  pink crepe myrtle tree that was an off-shoot from an established tree of a friends house.  It has grown about 6 inches since last Spring!
After I separated the sun-loving plants from the shade-lovers I began to work on the patio.  Out came the broom and the dust pan to sweep all of the little droppings from the trees that had accumulated through the winter winds and rains.

In the following pictiure I had already swept off the outdoor rug but You can still see all of the stringy pinecones (that is what I call them) on the ground.  They were everywhere!!!

When the job was completed I was pleased!

 My Love Birds I picked up at a yard sale years ago. I think they originally were the center piece for a bird bath. I think they make a great center piece for my table.

 Hydrangeas and hostas with a volunteer maple tree.  The maple tree is a volunteer in the hydrangea pot.  I will be planting the whole pot in the ground soon! They work well together.  I am just not sure where I want another big tree as the yard it quite full of them already.

The Japanese Maple with an Angel watching over it…

 Gnome home surrounded by woodland violets.  These violets are all over the back yard. I just love them! They are all volunteers.

 My Crepe Mrytle that “Delicious Abbilicious” AKA Abby is standing guard over. It might need a little more sun for it to bloom. We will see very soon as it is almost the season for its lovely color.

 After the long days work in the yard I came inside to take a rest. I sat on the couch and this was the view out of my front door!!  Seriously…….could  I have had a better day?