Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

The Inside of my Dream

The move to Michigan Ave was exciting and exhausting. I picked up the keys 3 days before the big move and immediately took pictures of the inside.  I had only had a 10 minute walk-thru 6 weeks prior to the move and some details were better than I remembered. Please enjoy as we
journey thru my new home together.  It is a very old home with quirks and surprises but that is what I love about it.
Opening the front door you immediately enter the living room complete with built-in book shelves and a tiny closet in which I will house the vacuum cleaner brooms etc. It could also be
used as coat closet.

You can see right thru the house with your eyes traveling thru the dining room and  right into the  a very large, open kitchen.

The kitchen has tons of cupboard space

And a Pantry

 The dining room has a fairly new built-in cabinet (which I want to paint white for a more cohesive
look) and a primitive built-in desk.


There are 2 bedrooms with small closets

The second bedroom has one of those surprises I was talking about:

 I wonder what could be behind those louvered doors?????

 A toilet in a closet!!!! That is the cutest little porcelan sink!
The real fun is in the main bathroom. A vintage vanity…

Can you all just see the potential in this beautiful home?
She may look like a Plain Jane now but just wait……..In the weeks to come she will be transformed into my Dream Home!