Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

The Little Gray Table

This little table caught my eye at a garage sale the other day. It was covered with stuff and I really only saw its 4 long legs. So I thought……Stuff with legs??? I was very curious. I began removing all the ‘stuff’ and this terrific little table came into view.  It had paint spots and debris on the top but those long legs were very sturdy! Don’t you just love messy garages!
What treasures to be had!

 You might have noticed in this picture that the back 2 legs are gray.  I was so excited about painting it that I got that far along and then remembered that I needed a picture.  Do you see that mess on the top?  Some of those white paint spots were raised.  I sanded them down a bit
and then proceeded with the paint.   I used 2 coats of Americana Decor ‘Chalky Finish’ paint.
The beauty of chalk paint is that it covers anything even without cleaning or sanding. It will also
paint on just about any surface., Wood, plastic and glass. Artifact was the name of the color I used.  The top did need a 3rd coat to completely cover the raised paint spots. I then lightly hand distressed the legs, sides and the top with 240 grit sandpaper.  The last coat was Dixie Belle Clear Coat. It leaves a Satin Matte finish that will protect the surface for the life of the table.
This cutie could be used as an end table beside your couch, loveseat or chair .  Or maybe you would like to wake up to it as your bedside table. How about when you walk in the front door and there is the little table with a vase of flowers and a bone china plate that you (carefully) plop your keys on?  So… for you DIY’ers out there be on the lookout for “stuff with sturdy legs” at the next garage sale you go to. It could become your “Little gray table”.