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Moving On Down The Road

I was so excited the day I saw the ad….
                                   COTTAGE FOR RENT. 2 BEDROOM, 1/1/2 BATH

I was finally able to move back into my 1 bedroom apartment on January 15th, 2017 after my “accident” on September 22nd,  2016 and then 2  weeks later on October 8th 2016 when Hurricane Matthew blew through town and my home was flooded.

This is West Lane.  My apartment is on the first floor on the left.
All the while I was recovering from my “accident” I was looking on-line for new places to live. The “magic” had gone out of living on West Lane.  Being that the “accident’ happened when walking out to my car, I was nervous every time I attempted the same walk.  When looking for the  home on West Lane I had made a list of my “must haves”

 West Lane had most of what I wanted/needed so I rented the house.  Now I am ready
to move up in the world.
 I don’t ask for much and making the list last time worked out so well I thought I would do it again.  So here is my new list.

I know for most of my readers this won’t seem like much but after my battle with cancer 5 years ago where I lost my home, had to be roommates for 4 years and finally was able to have my own place on West Lane in October 2015 you realize what matters most to you.  My list had grown much in the same way I had grown. The process was all very natural to me.
This new home is perfect! It is what I have been dreaming about for many years.  It is even in my
current neighborhood, just around the corner from West Lane.

It has a small front yard with a pathway to the large porch which leads into the entrance of a quirky little home with hardwood floors, bright white walls, 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.
It is a small cottage that has a manageable back yard with a patio……

and a 10X10 ft shed which is the one element that has eluded me for years. I love to pot plants and work in the yard and have collected lots of cool stuff to do just that but have never had a place where I could utilize it all.  Notice the left side of the shed has an overhang?  This can be my potting area and the shed itself can be utilized as my workshop for my projects.  It is absolutely PERFECT!  God is so good!

then on thru the back door and out into the back yard.  I will be putting my little Weber grill right outside the back door on the left side. I LOVE grilled steak, pork and chicken (in that order) and when I was able to find a little Weber grill it was perfect!

 This is my beautiful little Weber Grill.
There is a small raised garden bed already built.

 Being that there are 3 very large trees in the back yard I am thinking that this might be the only
sunny spot in the yard. I am not certain how I will utilize it but I do like to grow veggies!
This property has all of the elements I have been looking for in my Dream Home.  Good bones and room for lots of creativity.  I am renting this home so I will be careful in how I go about doing the changes but the beauty in it lies in that  I will be blogging about all of it.
I will enjoy stretching out in the inside of the house and making it my home. It has considerable
more square footage than West Lane.
The outside is a blank canvas for me and I am very excited to improve and make it my own while
watching my pennies.
The following is a list of the outside improvements that I have in mind at the moment:
Staining the front porch
fixing the window boxes on the shed
outside lighting
potting/planting plants, plants and more plants!!!
Separating the yard into “rooms”
laying pathways
At this point I don’t need to do anything about changing the inside of the house….and it is Spring,……so I will be outside most of the time.
I am so excited about the opportunities this house will bring in the future. And the best
part is you all can join me on my journey!  I don’t get the keys until April 27th and the first item
on the list is to photograph every room in its virgin glory.   Please join me on my journey!
So ……Outside I (happily) go!!!  ;0)