Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

From Dirt to Patio

Isn’t it lovely? A bit primitive, I agree.  But you gotta work with what you got.
It started out with just dirt that floods during a hard rain. As I had that great little Weber Grill I needed a
place to grill where I wouldn’t be standing in 4 inches of water. Yes,  I do grill in the rain!! ;0)

This was my patio area outside my back kitchen door. Not much to look at! All that plumbing!  I have no
idea what those lines are for so I could’nt bury them. I came up with an idea that would accomplish my
needs and keep them accessible if needed.

An opportunity for another great use of pallets! When choosing your pallets you are going to walk on be sure to get ones that are made with strong and solid wood pieces so you will feel safe and secure when walking on them.

I had an indoor/outdoor rug that I thought would work.  I placed it on top of the  pallets and fashioned a patio.

I added my little weber grill at the end and a chair and table and “voila” ……an instant patio! I will be adding some more ferns and hostas next to the house to soften the edges. I think I’ll be spending quite a bit of time out here this summer 🙂