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Kitchen Cart gone Red

In a previous post The Cupboard to fill a hole I mentioned that I had found 4 kitchen carts. I ended up bringing home 2 of them.  This is the short story of 1 of them. I neglected to take
a ‘before’ picture as I was excited about getting it painted. Someone spray painted the top 2 shelves off-white. It looks as if the cart was originally blue as some of that paint is showing thru.

I am not certain if that was the original color as I have never seen it on a kitchen cart before. This leads me to question if it wasn’t also painted.  If so, I have no idea what the original color was and it will remain a mystery as I am going to leave the top 2 shelves as they are. The bottom shelf has been replaced with wood simulating butcher block.  It wasn’t exactly butcher block but that is the closest description I can come up with. As I wanted a red cart I decided to paint the bottom shelf red.  I used “AmericanaDecor” Maxx Gloss in Candy Apple.  It had a very high sheen.  I could almost see myself in it. I smiled……it is perfect!!!  It has now taken up residence in my pantry.