Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

Hutch with Attitude

 Isn’t she lovely? After hiding out in a garage for many months she has finally donned new clothes and is ready to re-enter the world of the living.  She started out as a plain jane…..

She had strong bones, beautiful glass and all of her original hardware.  She had her imperfections, as we all do, but her potential, to me, was awe-inspiring.  A good
bath, new paint and some distressing were all she needed to become what is beautiful
in today’s world of decorating.
After her bath I began with a shade of white milk paint I discovered in Hobby Lobby.
I put 2 coats on and was not impressed.  The final coat was MissMustardSeed’s Milk
Paint which really brought out her ‘beauty’.  She began to subtly chip, which is ‘beauty’
to me!!

 I distressed her just a little to bring out her inner soul

 Her last coat was “Dixie Bell” Clear Coat and she is now ready for her coming out party.
She is for sale… so contact me if you are interested.