Personal Blog by Nancy Clemons

The Cupboard to fill a hole

Cute little cupboard don’t you think?  Well  it didn’t start out that way.  Picture nothing there between the refrigerator and the kitchen sink. That is how it was when I moved into this
rented apartment several months ago.  I had put a little table there temporarily but I was on
the lookout for the perfect piece.  Originally I thought about getting a kitchen cart.  You know
the ones they had in the 50’s that was on wheels, had 3 shelves and made out of metal. I
could just picture a red one!  Kitchen carts are hard to find out here in Virginia (I thought!!)
When I spied this little cupboard at a yard sale I got excited.  I checked the measurements
and got a little more excited.  When we talked about price… was a done deal!!!
So……..I didn’t take a before pix of it standing up but did chronicle the process of its
The first thing I did was vacuum it out.  It had been in a garage for , oh, I don’t know…..
40 years! I don’t even want to mention all of the interesting pieces of whatever got
vacuumed up.

 The next order of business was KRUD CUTTER.

I pick it up at Home Depot.  This is an amazing product for cleaning many years of “Krud”
off of old furniture. I began with the drawer.

 Next, the top of the cupboard and beyond….

 WOW!  Can you believe the difference???  Cleaning your piece before painting makes a world of difference in how the paint adheres.  I then painted it with the same Behr semi-gloss paint I had painted the kitchen cupboards with.  I distressed it slightly and added the 2 boards to the bottom for extra height.  I had put casters on it so I could move it out to clean behind, however it raised it to high and it wouldn’t fit with the extra height.  I am very pleased with how well it blends in with the 40’s architecture of the house.  What do you think?  Don’t you just love it?

 To get back to the kitchen cart…..In the last week since I have finished this project I have
been presented with 4 kitchen carts.  I did purchase 2 of them but they just couldn’t fill
the shoes of the little cupboard.  However, I do have other plans for them.